So I have discovered Pinterest and it is awesome! SO MUCH amazing work on there and so much inspiration in one place, if you haven't already I would definitely recommend joining up as not only can you look at so much varied stuff in one place you can also upload your own stuff too for people to see! the more outlets the better I say!

here is my pinterest: http://pinterest.com/amztib/

Go have a look at all the stuff on there :)



On the 28th of July the day finally came for my beautiful cousin Rebecca and her partner of 10 years!! Keith, to finally get married. It was a fantastic day and weekend and I took the pictures for the morning and the evening reception including their first dance! they are on honeymoon atm so I don't know what they think of the pictures but my aunty and uncle are happy with them which is good news! I was apprehensive as I have never ever shot a wedding before but I'm pretty chuffed with the results and I would love to do it again, I have updated my website with some of the images http://amytibblephotography.weebly.com/weddings.html

I'm pretty pumped to start Uni again and ready to work my ass off. Sorta know the projects I'll be doing and have been trying to do some research on those but mainly just trying to keep in the habit of taking pictures more importantly and reading so I'm not so rusty come September! It has to be said, another thing I'm looking forward to is my student loan!! Oh to be a poor student! I'm feeling positive though and that's the main thing, I'm ready to grab year two by the horns and try my best and hopefully that's good enough for me to process onto year three. One thing I'm not looking forward to is the work experience, where do you start?! but I'm hoping I'll get lots of help with that and someone will have me aha.

Sending anyone reading this lots of happy and positive vibes! bless you.

Above: My twin-sister and mum at the wedding, the cutest!


free lensing

So today I discovered the awesomeness of free lensing thanks to an amazing blog http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2012/04/free-lensing-photography-tutorial.html
above is the link for the tutorial for free lensing that I used.

I love tilt-shift but trying to get the use of a large format camera let alone the cost of the film is just an annoyance really and besides using programmes i never knew something like this existed I'm ashamed to say since I have owned a dslr for a fair while now!

so today I tried out free lensing and it's something I wanted to continue experimenting with as it seriously is amazing, just have to be careful with dust getting into your camera body! for more info on how to do it please use the abeautifulmess tutorial and have a look around the blog as it's fab!

below are my results...


Fuji Instax mini 7s

 Above are a few examples of what i've shot so far on my fuji instax mini 7s. Just tryna get my head around the different settings to try and get the best lighting for the image so far and also note to self, unless shooting close, do not shoot in the shade as it will pretty much turn out black as the flash is only workable up to 2.6 meters! The puppy is so cute, it's called Max and is my sisters boyfriends, sweetest thing i've ever seen!

All in all the 7s is awesome and i would recommend it to anyone, especially for the satisfaction of getting that instant result and holding a print in your hand and the prints are so cute! roughly credit card size, but you can scan them ect (mine are scanned in with my printers scanner which is rubbish so if you enlarge them excuse the quality as i have yet to scan them in properly)



So I saw on facebook from someone that tesco was doing a good deal on polaroid 300 cameras which can take instax mini film which is sooooooo much cheaper than the impossible project stuff i have to get for my polaroid 600 even though it is bigger i guess, anyways... i decided to look on amazon for what deals they did for the nstax mini 7s and found this beauty...

Perfect as it has some pink which i love! surprisingly i actually love the colour pink which some people may not expect but it was my cousins favourite colour and it holds memories of her for me which are comforting to have lots of pink things around me! so i found this on amazon £53!!! beating the price of tescos polaroid 300 which was £54.94 not by much but at least the instax mini 7s actually matches the film properly and it has pink!!

And above is the film i brought to go with it, 20 shoots for £12.08 cant get much better tbh! since the impossible project film i used to get came in a pack of 8 and was £15! and the price has probably gone up even more since i got it a while ago.

I'm planning to use this for my cousins wedding but i cant say why, it's going to be a surprise for them :D

I will also have my 'big' camera to take proper shots of the day in the morning and for the evening event as the photographer she has hired is only there for a few hours, so haven't done a wedding before so this will be interesting but at least there's a 'professional' there for some of the day. I'm sure the day will be beautiful!



So I got given a summer project for uni which is a bit pointless since it counts for absolutely nothing but hey ho. The title for said project is 'Jubilympics' for obvious reasons and i decided to go down the Jubilee route and pretty much made my family have a BBQ but it turned out to be a really nice day and it was worth it just for that even if I didn't like any of the pictures! I took about 300 and only needed 6 so I was pretty confident I'd have at least something. So below are my 6 pictures of my interpretation of how my family celebrated the diamond jubilee from preparation to celebration...



So I can't get to sleep and it's been happening for a while now and it's really frustrating! so this morning i decided to put this to some use and at 4.45am i decided i would go to fleet ponds to take some pictures. It is such a beautiful time of day and i'm so glad i was awake to see it!

Some images from the venture...


Charlotte or should I say Minty Demure...

So I did a shoot today, technically yesterday now I spose for the lovely Charlotte and her alter ego Minty Demure the burlesque performer, just starter shots for her Facebook page/website (http://www.facebook.com/MintyDemureOfficial) but good fun all the same and got some really good results which she is happy with :). Haven't done a photo-shoot in so long of an actual human! lol so it was lovely to get back to doing that, especially on such a lovely sunny day, and getting to play around with my metz flash at the same time!

Here, out of the 300 plus taken, are just a few from the day...