Grow Your Own

This piece of work was for my self-directed project. I printed each image individually and mounted them all, it was just easier to show them on here putting them as a grid in one file. It took a lot of time shooting as I shot every day for five weeks, let alone growing everything and researching about it all but it was a project I was really passionate about therefore had the will power to do all of the work for it. With this work I made a booklet that had information on what I had learnt from growing my own and shared tips ect for anyone wanting to do it themselves. I had good feedback on my sheet for my review so I'm hoping I get a good mark for it (i will find out end of May/beginning of June) so fingers crossed as I put a lot of effort into this. This work is basically to show the stages of growth, not just the planting stage and the glamorised end product. It's a straight look at how the lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peashoots and parsley grow.

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