Things I've Learnt

After finishing my first year at Uni the most I got out of it was learning more about photography theory at a higher level. There are two books I would strongly recommend to be read and it may seem bias as they are by the same guys but his theories fascinate me.

Roland Barthes - Camera Lucida

Roland Barthes - Image Music Text

Both are very insightful and really help when analysing your own and others work. (Both available at Amazon for a fair price!)

I really got into writing my essays and feel its going to be a part of the course I will continue to enjoy more and more as I love to read and I love to write.

Another thing to take away from first year would be the amount of new photographers I have been introduced to, some I cant believe I didn't know of before, for example Duane Michals, his work is just incredible.
Things are queer - Image source

This work is incredible, the amount of thought that has gone into all the settings and the narrative through out it, how can one not be inspired! This is probably my favourite piece of work by Michals.

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