So I saw on facebook from someone that tesco was doing a good deal on polaroid 300 cameras which can take instax mini film which is sooooooo much cheaper than the impossible project stuff i have to get for my polaroid 600 even though it is bigger i guess, anyways... i decided to look on amazon for what deals they did for the nstax mini 7s and found this beauty...

Perfect as it has some pink which i love! surprisingly i actually love the colour pink which some people may not expect but it was my cousins favourite colour and it holds memories of her for me which are comforting to have lots of pink things around me! so i found this on amazon £53!!! beating the price of tescos polaroid 300 which was £54.94 not by much but at least the instax mini 7s actually matches the film properly and it has pink!!

And above is the film i brought to go with it, 20 shoots for £12.08 cant get much better tbh! since the impossible project film i used to get came in a pack of 8 and was £15! and the price has probably gone up even more since i got it a while ago.

I'm planning to use this for my cousins wedding but i cant say why, it's going to be a surprise for them :D

I will also have my 'big' camera to take proper shots of the day in the morning and for the evening event as the photographer she has hired is only there for a few hours, so haven't done a wedding before so this will be interesting but at least there's a 'professional' there for some of the day. I'm sure the day will be beautiful!

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