Fuji Instax mini 7s

 Above are a few examples of what i've shot so far on my fuji instax mini 7s. Just tryna get my head around the different settings to try and get the best lighting for the image so far and also note to self, unless shooting close, do not shoot in the shade as it will pretty much turn out black as the flash is only workable up to 2.6 meters! The puppy is so cute, it's called Max and is my sisters boyfriends, sweetest thing i've ever seen!

All in all the 7s is awesome and i would recommend it to anyone, especially for the satisfaction of getting that instant result and holding a print in your hand and the prints are so cute! roughly credit card size, but you can scan them ect (mine are scanned in with my printers scanner which is rubbish so if you enlarge them excuse the quality as i have yet to scan them in properly)

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