free lensing

So today I discovered the awesomeness of free lensing thanks to an amazing blog http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2012/04/free-lensing-photography-tutorial.html
above is the link for the tutorial for free lensing that I used.

I love tilt-shift but trying to get the use of a large format camera let alone the cost of the film is just an annoyance really and besides using programmes i never knew something like this existed I'm ashamed to say since I have owned a dslr for a fair while now!

so today I tried out free lensing and it's something I wanted to continue experimenting with as it seriously is amazing, just have to be careful with dust getting into your camera body! for more info on how to do it please use the abeautifulmess tutorial and have a look around the blog as it's fab!

below are my results...

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