On the 28th of July the day finally came for my beautiful cousin Rebecca and her partner of 10 years!! Keith, to finally get married. It was a fantastic day and weekend and I took the pictures for the morning and the evening reception including their first dance! they are on honeymoon atm so I don't know what they think of the pictures but my aunty and uncle are happy with them which is good news! I was apprehensive as I have never ever shot a wedding before but I'm pretty chuffed with the results and I would love to do it again, I have updated my website with some of the images http://amytibblephotography.weebly.com/weddings.html

I'm pretty pumped to start Uni again and ready to work my ass off. Sorta know the projects I'll be doing and have been trying to do some research on those but mainly just trying to keep in the habit of taking pictures more importantly and reading so I'm not so rusty come September! It has to be said, another thing I'm looking forward to is my student loan!! Oh to be a poor student! I'm feeling positive though and that's the main thing, I'm ready to grab year two by the horns and try my best and hopefully that's good enough for me to process onto year three. One thing I'm not looking forward to is the work experience, where do you start?! but I'm hoping I'll get lots of help with that and someone will have me aha.

Sending anyone reading this lots of happy and positive vibes! bless you.

Above: My twin-sister and mum at the wedding, the cutest!

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