Update on current project!

So i don't really write on this blog lots but i'm aiming to now do a post every two weeks so i have something to actually say about my work!

I have some back of the camera sneak peaks for you on my current project. A bit of background info for you, it's on myself and i'm exploring the use of therapeutic photography as my main aim in life is to eventually become and art/photo therapist! and as i am not trained in any way shape or form and don't want to mess up someone else's brain i'm doing it to me!

I'm kinda apprehensive about this project because i really am laying myself bare and opening up more than i ever have to my own family! so it's a kinda out there thing to do but also something i'm really enjoying and learning a lot from doing.

 Okay so as you can see for someone like me who hates having there picture taken (which is what im exploring and the reasons why) let a lone with no make-up on and my hair slicked back and bare skin so i have no where to hide is a pretty big deal for me! but i have a crit tomorrow so i'm kinda sharing it here so i'm less scared haha so the writing on my face is what family members, or other people have said to me and how i feel about my body image and in particular my weight i guess. I put my hair right back and decided to make it look as if i am bare because i kinda want it to be a metaphor that i am laying how i feel bare and expressing how i feel through this process of image making. It did actually make me feel better writing these things down on my body i have so many issues with and that other people seem to have issues with!

This image represents how i kinda of hide behind my hair, even if i have it up for work for example i always kinda drag bits down to shape my face because it makes me feel more comfortable and it really made me reflect on why i do that, why i sit with a cushion every time i sit down or wear a top the size of a tent - i'm constantly thinking about hiding myself away. I've been researching Judy Weiser's five photo therapy techniques, these three being self portraits and making images in one so reflect and kinda get out how i feel to release some of that emotion.

Again back to making images i decided to do a rough photo montage of what i feel equates to the perfect body, style and life. So we have elsie's kitchen from a beautiful mess, zoella's face and hair, in the frow top half and lily pebbles legs. I have started a beauty blog and i thought it would make me feel even more inferior but actually i just kind of look up to these people and it's more of an inspiration than feeling worse about myself so i really enjoyed thinking about the different parts to include and inspiring myself that this can be achieved or i can at least strive to live the life and carry the style off that i wish to.

Another photo-therapy technique is to look at an image that someone else have taken of you to reflect on how they've captured you is different to what you thought of yourself. Now this should of been a joyous occasion as it was my friends 21st but actually all i could think about was how frumpy and disgusting i thought i'd looked when really i'd lost a stone and a half to fit in that dress and i should be proud of myself but instead i think about how long i have to go and can't help but get a big red marker and circle everything i don't like about myself! At the same time on reflection it was a nice weekend where i really felt like i was part of a group but then i have the devil on my shoulder or a certain person telling me how i used to look better and it's a shame i've dyed my hair it used to be such a lovely colour yada yada yada when dying my hair is what makes me feel happier and more comfortable in myself!

So this project is a bit different and it really is a journey! and above are examples of just some of the stuff I've been doing. Like i said it's a very personal project and one that i have to talk about at uni during a crit so i just wanted to put myself out there on here as a kind of practice run! :/ so yes it is photography but perhaps not in the way many people may be used to viewing it as! but it's a learning curve and the topic of photo-therapy and therapeutic photography is incredibly interesting and reading about other peoples journey's is very moving so i'm hoping maybe my work will get people thinking about their own body image and perhaps find positive's they couldn't see before and deal with what they don't like and find a way to be happy in their own skin and listen to themselves instead of others.
- Amy.


What's going on?!


So i'm back at uni now and busy as hell!! for my dissertation i'm focusing on why people seem to be so obsessed with the celebrity culture - looking at the paparazzi and how it's now a lot more common to see amateur photography of celebrity's .

For my practical project i am looking into art therapy and the various approaches towards it. In particular i'm looking at Jo Spence and Judy Weiser as well as looking at what you actually need to do to get into art therapy as it's a career path that really interests me!

So that was a short but hopefully sweet update! I'll get some work in progress shots of my practical work up soon and i have my first dissertation tutorial this friday!!

- Amy


My Twin

I'm always trying to get pictures of her but shes always so busy so on saturday night i took advantage of her happy mood as she was going on a night out (bonus she was already dressed up/make-up down) and took some pictures of her. I particularly wanted to try out the 'window effect' as i read some info about it from a pre-order pdf i got with a beautiful mess photo idea book, all details of their book and pre-order details can be found on their blog here just scroll through the posts and anyways its an amazing blog so you should check it out! Below are the two images i picked from the ten i managed to get! shes kinda camera shy but im super happy with how they turned out. I love the camera settings for the top one, i really like how the lightness and softness of the image looks with the bright pink from her top and the bright leaves. With the bottom i love the contrast and i've always loved the effect window pictures give. I really want to work more on my portrait and studio side of my photography so this is a start, i just wish my sister was more vain!!

Cheap studio equipment!


so i belong to this group on facebook called '10 ways to have more money as a student, without working.' and it basically posts deals and one day it posted a deal on a cheap studio set and i mean cheap! £50 so i thought what have a got to loose and i can get some practice in with set ups at home during the summer and get acquainted with studio photography again as since college ive kinda stayed clear a bit but want to get back into it during third year. It was from ebuyer, a company ive used before and trust so i thought yano what im gunna get it!
Above is a a website picture (www.ebuyer.co.uk) of what the set included. Two umbrellas, green screen back drop, back drop stand, two light stands, two lamps with the lamp attachments and carry bag.

I was quite surprised as the stands seem to be pretty sturdy. Wasn't in-love with the bright green back drop so i brought a king size duvet which works great as a back drop and they are a lot cheaper than using the real deal when i just want to practice at home.

I did some test shots of roses and product shots at home to quickly try it out and i have to stay im pretty happy with the results. The lights arent as powerful as the ones i have at uni to play with (obviously for the money what do you expect) but they are good enough! One draw back is that the lights are constant, they don't connect to your cameras flash settings but again for £50 you cant expect miracles. All in all im a happy bunny with my purchase :) below are pictures from the test shoot.


Monkey World

These guys are from Monkey World in Dorset. I love love love monkeys - all kinds - they are my favourite animal. I love coming to monkey world and being able to see them up close, how they behave and how a like they are to humans! The first guy was hilarious, he was sat there picking his nose (i think its a dude) and when he'd had enough at people looking at him he punched the window and went to sit on another led continuing to pick his nose in peace! The diva at the end decided it didn't want to me watched eating anymore either aha. They are such lovely creatures! so here are a few from my DSLR that i captured on the day.

Lulworth Cove

On monday i went to lulworth cove, i've always looked at images and admired its beauty and i really wanted to get more landscapes within my portfolio, with the hot weather it seemed like the perfect time to go, that and my sister had the day off so i'd have some company for the 2 hour drive! I would live there in a heart beat, the landscape is sensational.

Below are some of my images i captured on the day. The first one has been edited on Photoshop using grayscale and then curves, it is my favourite of the whole day and after is the colour version in case anyone was interested in that. The first is my favourite - especially in black and white - because it reminds me SO MUCH of my granddads photography work and that just makes me swell up with happiness to think yeah i reckon he'd like this one as he was a hard man to please! My granddad used to shoot medium format, the type of camera where you had to guess the focusing and his images are jaw dropping - this has reminded me that i definitely need to blog about the work of his i have scanned as as i said before i think it is incredible and is a HUGE inspiration.



I showed a back camera shot of this the other day but here are the actual images...

I wanted to just do something FUN! so i went into my conservatory which is amazing for natural light shots, used a huge blank canvas as a background and just started shooting. For the props i used a cardboard & i got from hobby craft that was meant for my room, beautiful flowers from the garden and a vase i found in the kitchen - so simple! I just wanted to do something for the sake of it being pretty and not having some profound meaning behind it and this definitely was just what i needed! I used my 550d canon and 50 1.8 fixed lens and over exposed to get that light airy summer feel. I would love to get the first one printed onto canvas for a huge print in my room - not for any emotions attached to it but because its pretty! i think sometimes you just have to let go and just do something for the sake of it and this really helped re focus my mind and give me a lift :) Hopefully you guys think they are pretty for pretties sake too :)



This was my last practical project of second year and probably the one i am most proud of through out the last two years! and i really did put blood, sweat and tears into it!

As i previously said i broke my ankle and that made doing this project a real difficulty and its incredibly hard to be on crutches and take pictures with a medium format camera! but i did it and as i got better and off the crutches i was able to hobble about and do more. It just made sense to do it on medium format as id recently purchased one and wanted to fall back in-love with film photography it is was like the learning process of that after over a year of not using film and the learning of how to walk properly again - it just seemed to fit perfectly! I have to credit my mum she was AMAZING with helping me with this project, getting me into uni so i missed as little as possible and fighting my corner as much as she could when certain people wanted me to just go back in january instead of carrying on - absurb right the amount i pay! anyways my ankle kinda gave me the idea for this project! unless the use of one of your legs is taken away you really cant appreciate how much you rely on them!! i have so so so much empathy for anyone in a wheelchair or whom has any disability as they are truly inspirational. So the idea of this project was to capture every day mundane insignificant things people wouldnt ordinarily give a second though about but for them to then view it from someone in a wheelchair or crutches and kinda think how it would effect them and have empathy for people whom that is their life. I used my own experience for locations such as the step up to my house, (near impossible with crutches in a cast as i kinda had to swing myself up and nearly fell over on numerous occassions!) curbs - super hard to navigate a wheelchair as well as uneven pavement - the list goes on - again things people would ordinarily just walk over without a second thought.

I decided to make this project into a book - with a simple to the point sentence at the start to set the mood, a loose narrative on obstacles that would come up in everyday life for me then and with a book it gives the viewer time to think, look, digest and understand.

to see a preview of the book click here!! so you can view the whole feel of it rather than showing images.

you cant really see the sentence terribly well but it reads 'After i broke my right ankle, getting from A to B changed completely and became a real challenge.'

I didn't want to give so much away with the sentence that the viewer didn't have any thinking left to do but i wanted to be specific with what ankle it was they really could really imagine themselves in the situation.

In the end i got 67% for this project, a 2.1, and considering all the stress just to finish it I'm pretty proud of myself!

just to finish here is my favourite image from the project:

This particular image doesn't have a particularly strong emotional hold other than the fact it was the first place i walked without crutches (just over the road but an achievement then!), i just love the texture I've managed to capture of the uneven pavement and how clear and in focus that bit is in comparison to the rest of the image and i just really like the composition, the two lines drawing your eyes along to exactly i want the image to show - the obstacle. 



so instead of spamming my photography blog with my obsession with makeup I've created another one especially for reviews of products ect so its notanotheroneamy.blogspot.com

the name is because everyone i come home with more nailvarnish thats exactly what my mum says!!

Im still trying to find motivation to do my diss reading but i have a plan and plans are good so im hoping by the end of this week i would of pulled my finger out!!!

so this post has more to do with photography... for a while now ive been wanting to do some portraits of my sister but her schedule is HECTIC! so i decided id try and take a self-portrait with my canon to get a new bio shot for my website as my other one was wayy outdated! and here are the results...

im never ever going to be happy with any self portraits i do because im not happy with myself! but this go under the meh not bad category aha and it was nice to experiment in Photoshop making them black and white, changing the curves ect. You know when you pose and you think yeah that will be amazing, then you remember its you... but thats another thing that will be on my other blog! my journey of self improvement, so if you have any interested in make up product reviews or my general mumbling head on over! I'm really not hot on punctuation by the way im sorry! but i kinda just type whats in my head at that moment :)

enjoy the beautiful weather people, may it inspire you no end!



In the previous post I said how obsessed I was with nail varnish! So this has nothing to do with photography but I'm pretty impressed with myself! After following wah nails on Instagram I really wanted to try out ombré nails and leopard print so here are the results...

So above is the ombré first try and leopard print first try 

And above is a closer look at both leopard print nails as I did them as accent nails. Using the wah nails images as reference really helped and its pretty easy to do just need a black nail pen, for the ombré I just used a make up sponge. 

So that was an insight into something else I have a passion for :)



So I'm super rubbish with this whole blogging thing. I guess I kinda use Instagram as a way to blog my life and I love nothing more than going back through the 1000 plus images! And thinking yeah I remember that day and it putting a smile on my face! @amytibble if you wanna give it a follow, it mainly consists of my nails, food and outings :).  There really are A LOT of images of my nails, I'm obsessed with nail varnish, you have been warned!

So anyway back to photography, I passed second year with two 2.2's and two 2.1's I'm kinda bummed as I was 1% off getting three 2.1's but I'm proud of myself since after I broke my ankle I had a load of people telling me to just give up until next January and join the year below but I kept going and did myself proud and proved them all wrong. The amount of things I learnt about myself, realisations of what I want to do with my life (teaching), realising how resilient i am and the increased empathy I have for others, I actually wouldn't change anything.

Now I've successfully made it to third year (even the thought is overwhelmingly scary!!) I have to dive straight into reading for my dissertation which I'm pretty nervous about but what an achievement when its done! And also seeing pictures from people graduating recently has really spurred me on!

It's the summer holidays now and with planning/working on my dissertation and working at boots I'm also trying to expand my portfolio with the types of photography I'm really interested in, and after contemplating this for a good while its details, still life, people, special occasions, being outdoors with beautiful light, even the thought makes my heart sore, just being it doesn't have some in depth philosophical meaning, it's just as worthwhile to look at and can be just as beautiful and interesting to the eye. Not that my Uni would agree with that but I've learnt that I need to trust my instincts more and finally with my last project of second year I did that and I got a high 2.1 so I can't be that far off right. That particular project is called Obstacles and has a lot to do with me breaking my ankle so ill probably do a post just for that at a later date as its something I'm really proud of. Off on a tangent there! Anyway the whole reason I started this post was to show you a sneak peak at a still life shoot I did today, using natural light and a big canvas, so so simple but I'm super happy with the results.

Above is said sneak peak :) roses from the garden & from hobby craft £1.99 bargain! 

So since I've discovered blogger has an app! I should be posting a lot more as to be honest I spent soooooo much money on my PC but I'm barely on its as I have the iPhone, iPad, its just so easy not to need to go on it! 

So this was a lot of gabble so thanks if you even read it! :)




so this year has already been quite eventful, I've broken my ankle!! best case senario my cast will be off on the 12th feb provided all heals well, worst case, i dont even want to have to think! So im pretty frustrated creatively at the moment as ive recently got a mamiya 645 pro TL and i am ITCHING!! to go out and experiment and alas I cant, as well as having to deal with all my Uni course worries! but everything happens for a reason and I'm really hoping it will all work out and i can carry on studying this year and wont have to defer as that would royally suck! So at the moment I'm focusing on what i can do which is reading and researching into everything an anything that may possibly help me in my quest to be a better photographer so the lesson is don't break your ankle as it sucks and you can literally do nothing!!

p.s I am aiming to do a post on this once a week to kind of think over how my weeks gone, any poignant moments or things I've learnt that I think will be of some use