so this year has already been quite eventful, I've broken my ankle!! best case senario my cast will be off on the 12th feb provided all heals well, worst case, i dont even want to have to think! So im pretty frustrated creatively at the moment as ive recently got a mamiya 645 pro TL and i am ITCHING!! to go out and experiment and alas I cant, as well as having to deal with all my Uni course worries! but everything happens for a reason and I'm really hoping it will all work out and i can carry on studying this year and wont have to defer as that would royally suck! So at the moment I'm focusing on what i can do which is reading and researching into everything an anything that may possibly help me in my quest to be a better photographer so the lesson is don't break your ankle as it sucks and you can literally do nothing!!

p.s I am aiming to do a post on this once a week to kind of think over how my weeks gone, any poignant moments or things I've learnt that I think will be of some use

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