So I'm super rubbish with this whole blogging thing. I guess I kinda use Instagram as a way to blog my life and I love nothing more than going back through the 1000 plus images! And thinking yeah I remember that day and it putting a smile on my face! @amytibble if you wanna give it a follow, it mainly consists of my nails, food and outings :).  There really are A LOT of images of my nails, I'm obsessed with nail varnish, you have been warned!

So anyway back to photography, I passed second year with two 2.2's and two 2.1's I'm kinda bummed as I was 1% off getting three 2.1's but I'm proud of myself since after I broke my ankle I had a load of people telling me to just give up until next January and join the year below but I kept going and did myself proud and proved them all wrong. The amount of things I learnt about myself, realisations of what I want to do with my life (teaching), realising how resilient i am and the increased empathy I have for others, I actually wouldn't change anything.

Now I've successfully made it to third year (even the thought is overwhelmingly scary!!) I have to dive straight into reading for my dissertation which I'm pretty nervous about but what an achievement when its done! And also seeing pictures from people graduating recently has really spurred me on!

It's the summer holidays now and with planning/working on my dissertation and working at boots I'm also trying to expand my portfolio with the types of photography I'm really interested in, and after contemplating this for a good while its details, still life, people, special occasions, being outdoors with beautiful light, even the thought makes my heart sore, just being it doesn't have some in depth philosophical meaning, it's just as worthwhile to look at and can be just as beautiful and interesting to the eye. Not that my Uni would agree with that but I've learnt that I need to trust my instincts more and finally with my last project of second year I did that and I got a high 2.1 so I can't be that far off right. That particular project is called Obstacles and has a lot to do with me breaking my ankle so ill probably do a post just for that at a later date as its something I'm really proud of. Off on a tangent there! Anyway the whole reason I started this post was to show you a sneak peak at a still life shoot I did today, using natural light and a big canvas, so so simple but I'm super happy with the results.

Above is said sneak peak :) roses from the garden & from hobby craft £1.99 bargain! 

So since I've discovered blogger has an app! I should be posting a lot more as to be honest I spent soooooo much money on my PC but I'm barely on its as I have the iPhone, iPad, its just so easy not to need to go on it! 

So this was a lot of gabble so thanks if you even read it! :)

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