I showed a back camera shot of this the other day but here are the actual images...

I wanted to just do something FUN! so i went into my conservatory which is amazing for natural light shots, used a huge blank canvas as a background and just started shooting. For the props i used a cardboard & i got from hobby craft that was meant for my room, beautiful flowers from the garden and a vase i found in the kitchen - so simple! I just wanted to do something for the sake of it being pretty and not having some profound meaning behind it and this definitely was just what i needed! I used my 550d canon and 50 1.8 fixed lens and over exposed to get that light airy summer feel. I would love to get the first one printed onto canvas for a huge print in my room - not for any emotions attached to it but because its pretty! i think sometimes you just have to let go and just do something for the sake of it and this really helped re focus my mind and give me a lift :) Hopefully you guys think they are pretty for pretties sake too :)

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