so instead of spamming my photography blog with my obsession with makeup I've created another one especially for reviews of products ect so its notanotheroneamy.blogspot.com

the name is because everyone i come home with more nailvarnish thats exactly what my mum says!!

Im still trying to find motivation to do my diss reading but i have a plan and plans are good so im hoping by the end of this week i would of pulled my finger out!!!

so this post has more to do with photography... for a while now ive been wanting to do some portraits of my sister but her schedule is HECTIC! so i decided id try and take a self-portrait with my canon to get a new bio shot for my website as my other one was wayy outdated! and here are the results...

im never ever going to be happy with any self portraits i do because im not happy with myself! but this go under the meh not bad category aha and it was nice to experiment in Photoshop making them black and white, changing the curves ect. You know when you pose and you think yeah that will be amazing, then you remember its you... but thats another thing that will be on my other blog! my journey of self improvement, so if you have any interested in make up product reviews or my general mumbling head on over! I'm really not hot on punctuation by the way im sorry! but i kinda just type whats in my head at that moment :)

enjoy the beautiful weather people, may it inspire you no end!

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