Lulworth Cove

On monday i went to lulworth cove, i've always looked at images and admired its beauty and i really wanted to get more landscapes within my portfolio, with the hot weather it seemed like the perfect time to go, that and my sister had the day off so i'd have some company for the 2 hour drive! I would live there in a heart beat, the landscape is sensational.

Below are some of my images i captured on the day. The first one has been edited on Photoshop using grayscale and then curves, it is my favourite of the whole day and after is the colour version in case anyone was interested in that. The first is my favourite - especially in black and white - because it reminds me SO MUCH of my granddads photography work and that just makes me swell up with happiness to think yeah i reckon he'd like this one as he was a hard man to please! My granddad used to shoot medium format, the type of camera where you had to guess the focusing and his images are jaw dropping - this has reminded me that i definitely need to blog about the work of his i have scanned as as i said before i think it is incredible and is a HUGE inspiration.


  1. Love the black and white edit. Can get some great photos at Lulworth, has made me want to go back now. Good work :)

    1. Thanks :) it is the most amazing place!