This was my last practical project of second year and probably the one i am most proud of through out the last two years! and i really did put blood, sweat and tears into it!

As i previously said i broke my ankle and that made doing this project a real difficulty and its incredibly hard to be on crutches and take pictures with a medium format camera! but i did it and as i got better and off the crutches i was able to hobble about and do more. It just made sense to do it on medium format as id recently purchased one and wanted to fall back in-love with film photography it is was like the learning process of that after over a year of not using film and the learning of how to walk properly again - it just seemed to fit perfectly! I have to credit my mum she was AMAZING with helping me with this project, getting me into uni so i missed as little as possible and fighting my corner as much as she could when certain people wanted me to just go back in january instead of carrying on - absurb right the amount i pay! anyways my ankle kinda gave me the idea for this project! unless the use of one of your legs is taken away you really cant appreciate how much you rely on them!! i have so so so much empathy for anyone in a wheelchair or whom has any disability as they are truly inspirational. So the idea of this project was to capture every day mundane insignificant things people wouldnt ordinarily give a second though about but for them to then view it from someone in a wheelchair or crutches and kinda think how it would effect them and have empathy for people whom that is their life. I used my own experience for locations such as the step up to my house, (near impossible with crutches in a cast as i kinda had to swing myself up and nearly fell over on numerous occassions!) curbs - super hard to navigate a wheelchair as well as uneven pavement - the list goes on - again things people would ordinarily just walk over without a second thought.

I decided to make this project into a book - with a simple to the point sentence at the start to set the mood, a loose narrative on obstacles that would come up in everyday life for me then and with a book it gives the viewer time to think, look, digest and understand.

to see a preview of the book click here!! so you can view the whole feel of it rather than showing images.

you cant really see the sentence terribly well but it reads 'After i broke my right ankle, getting from A to B changed completely and became a real challenge.'

I didn't want to give so much away with the sentence that the viewer didn't have any thinking left to do but i wanted to be specific with what ankle it was they really could really imagine themselves in the situation.

In the end i got 67% for this project, a 2.1, and considering all the stress just to finish it I'm pretty proud of myself!

just to finish here is my favourite image from the project:

This particular image doesn't have a particularly strong emotional hold other than the fact it was the first place i walked without crutches (just over the road but an achievement then!), i just love the texture I've managed to capture of the uneven pavement and how clear and in focus that bit is in comparison to the rest of the image and i just really like the composition, the two lines drawing your eyes along to exactly i want the image to show - the obstacle. 

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