Cheap studio equipment!


so i belong to this group on facebook called '10 ways to have more money as a student, without working.' and it basically posts deals and one day it posted a deal on a cheap studio set and i mean cheap! £50 so i thought what have a got to loose and i can get some practice in with set ups at home during the summer and get acquainted with studio photography again as since college ive kinda stayed clear a bit but want to get back into it during third year. It was from ebuyer, a company ive used before and trust so i thought yano what im gunna get it!
Above is a a website picture (www.ebuyer.co.uk) of what the set included. Two umbrellas, green screen back drop, back drop stand, two light stands, two lamps with the lamp attachments and carry bag.

I was quite surprised as the stands seem to be pretty sturdy. Wasn't in-love with the bright green back drop so i brought a king size duvet which works great as a back drop and they are a lot cheaper than using the real deal when i just want to practice at home.

I did some test shots of roses and product shots at home to quickly try it out and i have to stay im pretty happy with the results. The lights arent as powerful as the ones i have at uni to play with (obviously for the money what do you expect) but they are good enough! One draw back is that the lights are constant, they don't connect to your cameras flash settings but again for £50 you cant expect miracles. All in all im a happy bunny with my purchase :) below are pictures from the test shoot.

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