Forty Eight Degrees photography exhibition private view today (19th June) 6pm at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, 6pm and you're invited!

Okay so I just wanted to do a little post to let you know, if you are in London and near brick lane (the old truman brewery) or not and you want to travel, today (19th June) at 6pm til 10pm you are all invited to the private view for a photography exhibition 'Forty Eight Degrees' that I am part of. 

It's free entry with free drinks and nibbles until they run out! So come and join us to celebrate 3 years of bloody hard work, as all of us are BA (Hons) Photography soon to be graduates (graduation on the 24th June eeeek) and view work from some super talented folk! It's part of something called free range and there will be various other uni's exhibiting so it's set to be a good night! We've sorted out everything ourselves, paid for it, fundraised extra funds, literally built it and so we are really looking forward to seeing it finally come together. 

If you can't make that it is on across the weekend up until 4pm Monday the 23rd of June so you won't miss out! 

We have a website www.48degrees.co.uk
All the info, opening times ect can be found there.


Final project for Uni teaser

I am REALLY bad at updating this blog. I did post a bit on my other blog about what I was doing but since this is my actually photography blog yano it made sense to post it here! I feel like photography blogs should be treated like an academic document but that just isn't me so from now on I'll be using my writing style and that way you can actually get to know me and not just about my work.

Basically I've been looking into edgelands. A book inparticular inspired me during my initial research and it's kinda just stuck. It's a book called Edgelands by two people, Paul Farley and Michael Symmons Roberts. It's full of little poems and observations about the edgelands they encounter.

I'm an inquisitive soul and I love to walk about my own towns edgelands or stop by the side of the road on my route to uni to just have a walk around the local woods and take in sights others would find boring perhaps. I love feeling like I'm surrounded by nature, it kinda feels like yeah this is what life is about, loosing yourself in the process of making images about places that fascinate you. Just the other day I went to a local woods that lead me to a path where you got to an opening and I could see the local airport in all it's glory and openness. I felt like I was being let in on something that not many people, unless you bother to go there, which tended to just be dog walkers, would see.

Style wise I've very much been inspired my Mark Power and his project 26 different endings. I've tried to go for that dead-pan look and trying to get the sky the same in each image has been really important to me to get a coherent set. These images on their own probably don't speak much but I will be combining these with text, my own musing on my own edgelands. I just haven't quite figured out how I want to display it yet but I'll be sure to show you when I do! Think a long the lines of Martha Rosler, google her if you don't know her work you won't regret it! These aren't finals, I need to do rescans, decide how many images I will end up using,  I have more to develop ect but you can get an idea of my style and the direction for this project.